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Avonwood design, develop and manufacture proximity warning safety & key compromise protection systems

Why choose Avonwood for your worksite safety and key protection:

Over 30 years experience specialising in electronic solutions & RFID technology.

Proven and reliable technology solutions for safety and protection.

Supplying customers and resellers throughout the world.

Our systems and solutions are designed and developed in the UK.

Electronic identification technology, specialising in Proximity Warning Systems and Key Compromise Protection.

Protect your workforce & prevent security breaches for your secure establishment. We pride ourselves on delivering cutting-edge RFID systems that prioritise safety and security. Our core solutions, proximity warning systems and key compromise protection offer leading risk mitigation, reduction and safeguarding in both industrial workplaces and secure establishments.

Proximity Warning Safety

ZoneSafe proximity warning systems employ state-of-the-art RFID technology to detect personnel working in close proximity to vehicles within industrial environments.

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Key Compromise Protection

Eureka key compromise protection utilises RFID technology to offer unparalleled security, control, and protection for HM Prisons and secure establishments.

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Some of the clients we have worked with: