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About Avonwood Developments

Avonwood developments Ltd, design, development, manufacture, service and repair radio frequency identification (RFID) systems and equipment for safety, security and asset management applications. Targeted towards safety, security and asset management applications which are used across a number of industrial sectors, including the Home Office, ports, manufacturing, construction and logistics. Avonwood has a strong in-house production and engineering team which provides both development and support for the company’s range of products and services. This enables us to offer standard off the shelf goods and bespoke tailored solutions.


Having established a valuable knowledge base in RFID through the development and commercialisation of our product range and services, Avonwood has grown a portfolio of intellectual property through hardware, software and internationally recognised brands. Avonwood manufactures a number of proprietary products for both active and passive RFID systems as well as providing integration and supply of third party products. Systems include Eureka key compromise protection and ZoneSafe proximity warning alert and alert systems.


Our History

Avonwood Developments Ltd was set-up in 1987, to provide innovative electronic solutions for customers within various industrial environments. Our business grew steadily due to our strong research and development capabilities and quality design and manufacture until 1994 when we purchased Eureka RFID Systems. By purchasing the Eureka brand we were able to expand from bespoke electronic system design and manufacture to offering RFID solutions to a growing customer base. The Eureka® RFID brand enabled Avonwood to expand into RFID solutions to identify & manage vehicles, assets, personnel & processes. Eureka® products service a wide range of industries from food processing, vehicle manufacturing, and transportation to the leisure industry. Applications within these industries include production line automation, vehicle assembly tracking, personnel identification & safety, asset management & security and access control.

Spanning the RFID spectrum, which includes the 125 kHz, 132 kHz, 13.56 MHz, 868 MHz and 2.45GHz frequencies, the Eureka® range of RFID products comprises tags, readers, antennas and RF data management software. Avonwood has continually upheld its quality management and since 1998 has maintained its systems to meet the required standards for ISO 9001.

Our Mission

To understand the customers need and work closely with them to create an intelligent solution through the use of innovative RFID technology that improves safety, security and efficiency for their business.

Our Clients

Below are just some of the clients we have worked together in partnership with: