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Proximity Warning Systems - ZoneSafe® Protecting Pedestrian Workers Around Moving Vehicles

Our approach is to
work with you and reduce your risk

Solutions for you
Helping you protect your staff

We provide technology driven safety solutions to help protect you staff working in the industrial environment

Using innovation and smart technology

As specialists in smart detection technology, we develop proximity warning safety solutions to increase safety and reduce risk

Support and expertise

From conception to completion, we work in partnership with customers providing support even after your system has been installed

We offer solutions for every challenge and sector

Mitigate the risk of
worksite accidents

ZoneSafe proximity warning alert systems
mitigate against the risk of worksite accidents.

Experience the enhanced safety features by
watching the animation, illustrating how
ZoneSafe contributes to creating a safer
workplace environment on worksites worldwide.


Worksite Safety Solutions For Pedestrian Safety

Discover ZoneSafe’s comprehensive Pedestrian Detection system, a cutting-edge solution designed to significantly reduce the risk of accidents between pedestrians and vehicles in close proximity. Our proximity warning solutions offer a range of features tailored to enhance safety at your worksite:

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    Mutual Warning System: Provides alerts to both vehicle operators and pedestrian workers when they approach dangerously close to each other.

    Versatile Pedestrian Detection: Capable of detecting pedestrians through obstacles such as walls, racking, and blind corners, ensuring comprehensive safety, irrespective of visibility.

    360-Degree Pedestrian Detection: Enjoy complete awareness with a 360 degree detection around your vehicles.

    Customisable Detection Range: Set your preferred detection range, with options available up to 10 meters away from the vehicle.


    Activated Signage Proximity Warning Solutions

    Our Active Signage Systems provide visual warnings to reduce operational risks for your pedestrian workers and vehicles.

    • Activated signs alert everyone nearby of approaching vehicles through flashing LED lights.
    • Activated signs are typically fitted next to entry/exit points, doorways, or blind corners.
    • A sensor is fitted to the vehicle and detects another sensor connected to the activated sign.
    • Sensors detect each other up to 50m away giving plenty of warning to approaching vehicles
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    Vehicle To Vehicle Proximity Warning Systems

    ZoneSafe’s Vehicle Detection Anti-Collision System offers comprehensive coverage, identifying  vehicles and reduce the potential for collisions, injuries and damage. Our vehicle-to-vehicle proximity warning system delivers multiple benefits, including:

    • Adjustable long-range vehicle detection (up to 50 metres)
    • Two configurable alarm warnings; outer pre-warning zone and inner warning zone.
    • Versatile compatibility, as each inter-vehicle system integrates with any vehicle type.
    • Audible visual alarms from the control unit warn the driver when other vehicles are detected.
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    Asset Protection & Hazard Safety Proximity Warning Systems

    ZoneSafe Vehicle Asset and Hazard Safety proximity warning systems help protect your vehicle from collisions with assets and hazards on your worksite.

    • ZoneSafe Tags are fitted into safety cones
    • Cones are easily placed around assets and hazards
    • Safety cones are detected up to 9 metres away
    • Alarm warns the driver when the vehicle gets too close
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    Improve Worksite Safety With Data Management

    ZoneSafe Data Management helps you to understand, analyse and increase safety throughout your worksite. Information is uploaded to our cloud-based platform from the ZoneSafe control unit enabling you to gain unique insights to the safety of your worksite such as:

    • Tracking vehicle movements and records near-miss occurrences.
    • Identify trends and patterns to manage safety performance.
    • Analyse and compare events.
    • Generate custom reports and share data.
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