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WEEE Policy / ISO 9001

Compliance with the UK WEEE Regulations

Avonwood Developments is classed as a producer with respect to EEE for ‘users other than private households’ under The Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Regulations 2013.

Regulation 12 places an obligation on AVONWOOD DEVELOPMENTS LTD to finance the costs of treatment, recovery and environmentally sound disposal of waste electronic equipment (WEEE) from our customers where that WEEE:

(I) Is composed of equipment sold to our customers before 13th August 2005 and that is being replaced by products from AVONWOOD DEVELOPMENTS LTD of the same type or that perform the same function.

(II) Is composed of AVONWOOD DEVELOPMENTS LTD equipment purchased by our customers after 13th August 2005.

Where AVONWOOD DEVELOPMENTS LTD is responsible for WEEE under scenarios (I) or (II) above, it is the responsibility of the customer to deliver the WEEE in question to AVONWOOD DEVELOPMENTS LTD chosen recycling facility, after which point we will accept any further treatment or recycling costs.

AVONWOOD DEVELOPMENTS LTD meet our responsibilities under the WEEE Policy Regulations through membership of the DHL WEEE Compliance Scheme, and as our chosen partner DHL are able to manage the process of WEEE collection, treatment and recycling in accordance with the standards laid out within the Regulations.


To arrange a collection of WEEE

Please contact AVONWOOD DEVELOPMENTS LTD to allow us to ensure that the correct procedures can be applied. Include contact information and any other details you consider relevant.

For clarity, where customers wish to dispose of WEEE that is:

composed of equipment purchased before 13th August 2005 but that is not being replaced by equipment of the same type or that performs the same function then the customer retains responsibility for disposal under The Environmental Protection (Duty of Care) Regulations 1991.
composed of equipment purchased after 13th August 2005, then the original producer of the equipment retains responsibility for financing the costs of the collection, treatment, recovery and environmentally sound disposal – subject to the proviso that this responsibility has not been passed on to the customer through any contractual terms of the original purchase contract.

ISO 9001

Avonwood has continually upheld the certification of its ISO 9001 Quality Management System since 1998 and has maintained its system to meet the required standards. In order to achieve this, Avonwood is independently assessed by a UKAS accredited certification body on an annual basis. For certified scope details, please refer to our certificate here.